Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Hobby Material Transfer Agreement

Conditions of use for the enclosed plant material for private, non-commercial purposes

The collections of NordGen are under common Nordic management and control. Materials from these collections are generally available in accordance with the conditions of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, the Kalmar Declaration and the Nordic implementation of the Nagoya Protocol, details of which can be found on the website of NordGen (www.nordgen.org).

However, the material enclosed is intended for hobby purposes only. Acceptance and use of the material enclosed or material derived thereof will imply that you accept the following conditions:

You may:

  • conserve, cultivate and multiply the material on a hobby scale,
  • use the harvest in your household, and for non-commercial purposes sell the surplus of your hobby production locally,
  • transfer the material according to national legislation to others providing they accept the same conditions of use.

You may not:

  • sell the seed;
  • use the material for research or breeding or training;
  • claim any intellectual property or other rights that limit the facilitated access to the material or its genetic parts or components.
  • sell the harvest when sale is carried out in separate premises reserved for that purpose. It does not matter whether such premises are situated on farm or any other location.

If the material is intended for purposes other than those described here, or the purpose during use of the material is changed, you must sign a new material transfer agreement with the Nordic Genetic Resource Center.

Furthermore, you:

  • must assume full responsibility for complying with your national quarantine, trade and other regulations concerning import and use of plant genetic material; and
  • are encouraged to share your growing experience with other potential users of Plant Genetic Resources as well as with NordGen.

The Nordic Genetic Resource Center does not warranty the identity and safety of the material enclosed or as to the accuracy of any information provided with the material. Nor does it warranty the quality, viability, purity or phytosanitary conditions of the material enclosed.

Special Terms and Conditions for Norway

By accepting the terms and condition you agree that you will not import to or grow the potatoes in Norway.